Spiritual Wisdom


Beloved I AM Presence bright

Round me seal your tube of light

From Ascended Master’s Flame

Called forth now in God’s own name

Let it keep my Temple free

From all discord sent to me

Keeping on in Freedom’s name

Until I AM one with the Violet Flame

Thank you, Saint Germain

(repeat mantra 3 times)


Taken from Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia Louise Jones (Page 15)

“Light is the most powerful emanation of all Creation. It is important to invoke the full Power of God’s First Ray for Protection and Divine Will.”

In the name of my Beloved I AM presence, from the very Heart of God, I invoke an invincible shaft of God’s First Ray of Protection to be placed over me. Let it surround every cell, atom, and electron of my Being, encapsulating me in an invincible forcefield of God’s Holy Will. Let this shaft of Sapphire Blue Light expand into my various bodies and all my chakras.

Cut me FREE from anything that is less than the highest Light within me. Let the Blue Flame of Divine Love guard my forcefield of Protection, daily and hourly. I know that “I AM” absolutely protected at all time and in all places. I express my deep gratitude for all assistance given unto me always.



(Taken from “Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames” by Aurelia Louise Jones Page 18)

In the full Power and Authority of My God Presence “I AM”, I humbly come to the Throne of Grace to invoke into the physical plane of Earth the most intensified dispensation and activity of GOD’S WILL ever manifested in the history of time.

We ask the Legions of Light serving this Planet to absorb this Divine Essence into every fiber of Their Beings, and project it into the Heart Flame and conscious mind of every man, woman and child on this planet, especially every person associated with all governments of our planet in any way, shape or form.

Blaze the Cosmic Flame of God’s Will through every soul evolving here and clear away all destructive activities that might be directed against any of God’s children and the Light for which we stand. Seal all government positions in the radiance of God’s Will. Let the Illumination Flame reveal the Divine Purpose and Plan for each office and individual, and give to each person the Spiritual Courage to fulfill that plan perfectly.

Let the Will of God be manifest in, through and around all the governments of the world NOW and FOREVER. Let the eternal victorious Light of God illumine and lead the way for every soul evolving everywhere on the planet. We consciously accept this manifest now in full power according to God’s Holy Will and purposes. And so it is, beloved I AM!


I Am a point of Light within a greater Light.

I Am a strand of loving Energy Within the stream of Love Divine.

I Am a point of sacrificial fire,

Focused within the fiery Will of God

And thus I stand.

I strive for better understanding.

Let wisdom take the place of knowledge.

Let the Master of my life, my God Presence,

Throw Light on others through me.

In the center of the Will of God I stand.

Naught shall deflect my will from His.

I implement that Will by Love,

By turning towards the field of Service.

I Am a messenger of Love and Light,

I do not walk alone.

I know myself as one in Service with all Great Souls.

A soul, I walk on Earth, I represent the “One”.

Give me your hand and tread the Path with me.

Let Peace and Love prevail on Earth now and forever!

Author unknown

Ascension Affirmations

I AM a fountain of Youth and Eternal Purity.

I AM the fullness of my Christ Victory.

I AM one with the Heart of God.

I AM the Purity of Love.

I AM the Purity of the Resurrection Flame.

I AM the Purity of the Healing Flame.

I AM the Purity of the Ascension Flame.

I AM the Purity of all my desires.

I AM the Purity of all my thoughts and feelings.

I AM the Purity of my intentions.

I AM the Purity of all my chakras.

I AM the Purity of Love in physical form.

I AM God in action in all I do.

I AM the fulfillment of my Ascension in the Light.

I claim my Freedom and Victory in the Light NOW!

(Repeat each affirmation 3 times)

by Archangel Gabriel From “the Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames” by Aurelia Louise Jones

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