Sacred Space Services

With Crystal Andasola

Lifechanging and Transformational Spiritual Readings 

Price: $300
(Sessions are 2 hours in length)

Crystal has read auric and energy fields for over 30 years. Crystal’s highly tuned senses bring clarity and insight to every dilemma or unease on the initiate’s journey. Crystal is the Pathfinder who channels to you the path that best suits your highest self and service for all that is of oneness. Crystal gives you the messages that Spirit has been repeatedly (keyword) trying to tell you on your journey. As part of her Spiritual Readings, Crystal can also match you with appropriate products, stones, and crystals to balance your body, mind, and spirit, to enhance the outcome of your session as well as to allow you to reach your highest vibrational potential.

Angelic Channeling

What messages do your Angels have for you? Let Crystal’s angelic channeling be the conduit between your physical life and your angels’ ethereal presence through which their messages for you can freely pass. Whether you need healing, insight, or guidance, your angels can often provide for you just what you need.

Spiritual Guidance And Oracle Readings

Crystal has long served as an Oracle for Mother Earth, guiding her children on their paths. If you suspect Mother Earth has a message for you in these changing times, Crystal’s spiritual guidance & oracle readings will help you connect to the heart of Gaia’s soul.

Healing Energetic Bodywork

Sometimes the issues in our bodies have a deeper cause than the “physical ailments” we are experiencing. Energetic bodywork relates to the physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies.

Crystal helps align these bodies with each other, in order to assist clearing the blockages that may have occurred in our lifetimes and that are causing the physical symptoms we are consciously aware of, this enables us to have an authentic energetic healing on all levels.


Crystology is a form of gemstone therapy developed by Melody, author of Love Is In the Earth. Using intention and accessing the energies of the mineral kingdom, a Crystology session can help restore physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance, as well as promote healing or help shed limiting beliefs.

Laying on of Hands & Stones

Let the magic of the minerals heal you with Crystal’s laying on of hands and stones!

Chakra Openings, Alignments, and Clearings Including Personalized Healing Energetic Bodywork

Price: $800
(includes a $300 reading session)

Inside our physical bodies, our energy bodies are always working to maintain balance and keep the flow of life in order. Often emotions, thoughts, or experiences can build up and slow or filter our chakra openings. These inner energy wheels can become closed up completely, and this is when alignments & clearings are necessary. Crystal can help you clear away the unnecessary debris, realign your inner meridians, and open your chakras to help you live in your fullest expression of self!

House & Business Blessings, Smudges & Spirit Clearing

Price: Will be assessed on an individual basis

Buying a new house, starting a new business or moving into a new space? Invite Crystal to clear out the old energies and make room for new and abundant blessings with her unique and powerful smudge & spirit clearing.

Marriage & Birth Ceremonies

For a unique marriage ceremony of love, light, and grace, give Sacred Space a call and Crystal will happily serve in the joy of your union. When little ones enter the Earth plane, birth ceremonies give them the gift of a magical Fairy Godmother to greet them. Crystal Andasola Ceremonies

Assistance in Loved Ones & Animal Crossovers

When it comes time to say goodbye to a beloved friend or family member (pets included), it is always comforting to have one who walks between worlds to be with you, Crystal guides the one departing a crossover while holding the hands of those who remain.

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