Crystal Ascension Water

Crystal Ascension ™ Water Concentrate

(First introduced to the market on July 13, 2011)

“Hydrate Then Vibrate” ™

 Did you know that all bottled water, tap water etc. is virtually “dead” water and is essentially recycled treated sewer water that is void of essential life force energy?

Crystal Ascension™ Water is a highly concentrated water that has been infused and blessed with the highest vibrational crystals available on the planet. Crystal Ascension™ Water has been clinically and scientifically documented and proven to raise the vibration of any and all water or other beverages that it is added to. You can even add it to your bath water.

The proprietary crystals used in this powerful water are only found in one place on the planet and they are truly the highest vibrational crystals known to mankind. When Crystal Andasola was instructed by Spirit to create this beautiful water she was given very specific proprietary instructions in regards to the process of programming the crystals as well as to the proprietary vibrations to infuse into the water which then actually changed the molecular structure of the water.

The scientists who studied this water were astonished at their findings as their research showed that the Crystal Ascension™ Water was restored to its Divine original blueprint, which was Spirit’s intention for having this water created through Crystal Andasola and shared with the world.

When you drink Crystal Ascension™ Water you are literally drinking water that is “alive” meaning it contains essential life force energy. As 90% of our bodies are water, the entire body including all organs, cells and all bodily systems benefit tremendously when drinking alive water. It truly allows the body to Hydrate then Vibrate™ as it raises the vibration within the chakras, meridians, and energetic centers.

Raise Your Vibration

Crystal Ascension™ Water is a highly concentrated water infused and blessed with the highest vibrational crystal on the planet.

The intention of this powerful water is to not only raise the vibration within the human chakras, meridians and energetic centers, it also clears out the stagnant “chi” or life force energy in each of these areas as well. As you continuously drink Crystal Ascension ™ Water it further attunes and aligns your physical body with the cosmic energies and intelligence of the Divine as Crystal Ascension™ Water vibrates to the “Divine Consciousness” and is attuned to the “New Earth” frequencies of the Crystalline Grid.

Crystal Ascension™ Water is truly a gift from the Divine to assist humanity towards improving their lives in powerful ways. It allows one to be in alignment with the Divine Will of Unity, Community, and Cooperation. It is intended to transform your life so you can experience and enjoy the love and harmony of the Universe.

Hydrate then Vibrate™

US 4 oz Bottle – $15 each

Shipping and Handling – $9.25

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