It seems it is that time of year again…. Allergy season. While it is not as awesome as some of my favorite times of the year like summer, or even Christmas, it is something a lot of us need to address in our lives. Of course, there are products out there to address the “symptoms” of allergies, but is there anything to help them go away and stay away for good?

The answer to all of our health concerns can usually be addressed when we look to our beautiful Beloved Mother Earth and all her creations. In my own experience, the best way to address allergies are two things, organic raw local honey as well as Sacred Space’s own Crystal Ascension™ Herbal Allergy tincture. Both are excellent at addressing seasonal and recurring allergies.

I never did have allergies as a child; however, I did learn that the best remedy for allergies created by pollen was to eat raw organic local honey. The reason for this is that bees collect pollen in their environment which they then use to create honey. When you eat raw honey you are ingesting this pollen in small doses and if eaten consistently (minimum of 1 tablespoon per day) eventually your body becomes almost immune to the pollen in your environment, which gives you relief from seasonal allergies!

It is important to note, that you must eat local, raw honey as it will contain the pollen of the flowers you are most likely allergic to. In Durango, we are very blessed to have our very own honey outlet store, aptly named “Honeyville” which supplies all of our honey needs.

If you live in Durango and you’re like me, you never had allergies until you moved here. While I have never figured out what it is exactly that I am allergic to, I do eat Honeyville honey on a regular basis when I feel my allergies start to flare up again. Again, it should be noted that honey will only assist with allergies that are related to pollen. If you have allergies related to something else, my next recommendation would be the Crystal Ascension Allergy™  Formula tincture.

We have watched countless customers come into the store with unbearable allergies (that usually required allergy shots) we always recommend the Allergy Formula and after they have used it for some time, (usually one full bottle) they have gotten off of all allergy shots and continued to be allergy free the rest of the year with the assistance of this beautiful herbal tincture. I am fortunate enough to only need a few doses of the tincture in order to feel immense relief.

If you yourself or someone you love is suffering from allergies, I highly highly recommend consistently eating organic raw local honey and or purchasing the Crystal Ascension ™  Allergy Formula tincture for all the relief you and your body need!

Written By: Savannah Jade
Representing Sacred Space
Photo Courtesy of: Pixabay
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