Sacred Space

A Place of Love, Light, and Grace


We are an enchanting place of enlightenment and spiritual awareness. Our intention is to awaken, enlighten, and empower people to realize their own Divinity.

Sacred Space is a high-vibrational metaphysical store that offers intuitive readings, spiritual services, and spiritual tools including exquisite and locally mined crystals, gems, stones, rocks and minerals to assist each individual on their journey in order to allow in enlightenment in preparation for the Earth’s Ascension as well as their own.

We, at Sacred Space, are passionate about service and are working to bring Divine Will to the attention of humanity in order to create Heaven on Earth.

Visit Sacred Space Store now located at 110 E. Mill Street in Bayfield, CO for all of our enlightening products and services and meet Crystal, the High Priestess and Seeress. Crystal is a born Master Crystologist and Master Energy Healer.

Locally we service the four corners region including: Bayfield, Durango, Cortez, and Pagosa Springs, Colorado as well as Aztec and Farmington, New Mexico.

We are going to be working on an online store just as soon as we get settled into our new location so for all of you that are not located in an area near us, you will soon be able to visit our store and purchase all of our enlightening products online!

Bless you on your journey!!!


Crystal Andasola