“Crystal Andasola is a wonderful messenger of Spirit. She is able to directly tell someone the messages that she gets from Spirit and are needed for the person to hear. I met Crystal during a very difficult time in my life. I had just lost both parents and had moved to the area where I knew no one. She was very helpful in making me feel welcome and was instrumental in helping me weave through the many obstacles and pitalls I found myself in. She was very accurate in describing my areas of strengths and had wise suggestions of how to move forward with fulfilling my life’s purpose and destiny. Crystal has a big heart with an outpouring of love. She relays this through her ease of speaking and sharing purposeful messages to those who ask and also offers new insights to help a person grow. She is a very powerful healer and an inspiration to those who know her. Thank you Crystal!”
— Love Teresa

“Getting a reading from Crystal is like having someone tell you that you need new windshield wipers on your car because yours are broken and aren’t cleaning the window right. Crystal will tell you if you’re on the right track or not, and tells you the tools you need to see things clearer, and it’s up to yourself to use those tools.”

 — Alexis Chavez

“Crystal has opened my mind to the illusions of our reality. She has helped me break several self-defeating habits, which has allowed me to discover my divine path and work towards opening doors for myself and others. While Discernment is always necessary,  you can rest assured that Crystal will always deliver her truth. I have never known her to sugar-coat messages; she is a being without fear. I would be in a very different situation without her, and I am grateful for her assistance along my path.”
 — Love and Light,

“Dearest Sacred Space, Crystal, and Savannah,

Thank you for the readings, crystals, books, sage etc. that you have blessed me with. Crystal, my whole life I have felt like I was different, and saw things that no one else saw. I always seemed to have some sort of knowing, or intuition. I have had a strong relationship with animal symbolism and it wasn’t until my first reading with you that much of my life, how I felt, finally made sense, and that I wasn’t crazy after all. My first reading with you told me I had Athena energy, bobcat energy, my throat chakra was closed, I should look up Pleiadians, Mayans, work with spheres, be centered, well rounded, learn about chakras, meridians, Lemurians, Atlantis, and work with Archangel Michael. I bought the animal medicine deck, the Wisdom of Avalon deck, two spiritual protection necklaces, and many books. Because of my first reading with you, I eventually began to work out of my state of depression and found deeper and true meaning to my life. Since that first reading I have studied chakras, gotten closer to the angels, practiced Peruvian shamanism, and have been blessed in many ways. But it wasn’t until my recent reading that everything finally really came together for me (before everything seemed more separate and I couldn’t figure out how it all pieced together). I realized that my passion is indeed SERVICE.

I also realized that I have actually been on the new Earth, or at least I was a part of the ascension. I had a dream a few months ago where I was in a forest with all sorts of animals lying down peacefully, (mountain lions, deer, bears, birds etc.) and I looked at the sky, it was pink. In a few short moments it seemed like the sky was coming down, and we were going up, and then everything was one. When you mentioned that there was a new Earth and that there’s an arc being built that I realized I had somehow seen or understood the new earth before you told me about it.

Synchronicity has been happening often and it’s been beautiful. I have anointed you in my heart as my spiritual mentor, and I haven’t sought any one else for my spiritual understanding because I never felt a connection to anyone else. I had a very good feeling about Sacred Space when I first walked in, and I now know it was definitely meant to be. Thank you SO SO SO SO SO much for being my gateway to understanding and connection. I still have a long ways to go in my spiritual walk, and my growth into my egoless, earth light, knowing.

I have begun working with my Liquid Crystals last night and I really enjoy them so far, and can’t wait to see what lies in store. My cards last night told me to focus on an egoless state, to be in earth light, and in knowing. “Knowing” seems to be my greatest goal to achieve right now!

I could really go on forever talking about how great my readings were, and how they’ve literally changed my life for the better. From helping me with depression, relationships, my future, releasing my past, and connecting to my higher self and spirit guides. You’re wonderful, and may many blessings come to you, Sacred Space, Savannah and to the world around us.”
Much Much Much love,
Kristen Sage Allen

“From the moment that I first stepped across the threshold into the welcoming doorway of sacred space I was flooded with the purity and intensity of the light beaming within and radiating from Crystal. I knew that she was doing something incredibly special for the town of Durango and the whole of the universe. I have always found myself lingering in the confines of sacred space as it became a place of comfort and strength for myself. As our relationship developed I watched Crystal selflessly sacrifice her energy and well being so as to guide, heal and transform those most in need. On a personal level Crystal has gone out of her way to guide me towards beneficial crystals, provide me with tools to grow spiritually and realize my true potential as a force of light. Moreover, the Mayan Oracle reading that Crystal did with me has changed my perspective on life, myself, and the universe. I could not be more appreciative of the hard, and selfless work that Crystal provided for me and for the world and those lucky enough to have a personal relationship with her!


“I’ve known Crystal for 6 years on both a personal and professional level and I can honestly say that she’s the “Real Deal”.  I’ve never met another soul who is as truly passionate about the Ascension of Humanity as Crystal is. On a personal level, I know how absolutely important and imperative it is for her to serve as a conduit to usher in the Golden Age, not only for all of humanity but for Mother Earth as well.  She has never once faltered on this mission. When Crystal speaks she speaks the Truth.

Crystal is also a healer in the greatest sense of the word.   I have personally witnessed her healing abilities and I can say for a fact that her healing is Divinely inspired and orchestrated.  When Crystal prays for healing, the Heavens listen, her hands are lead and miracles happen.  The healing work she does for Mother Earth is above and beyond Remarkable, as well as Noble. I wish people truly knew how much energy this Goddess gives to help heal Mother Earth and her inhabitants. We should all give her our heartfelt thanks and gratitude.

Crystal has helped me in countless ways along my journey.  She has taught me so much about true compassion, grace, power, prayer, inspiration, miracles and magic. Thank you, Crystal, for being the beautiful conduit of light that you are on this planet.  You’re valued and valuable!”
— Much love to you,
Whitney Lamb, Durango, CO

“I first met Crystal at the Whole Expo about nine years ago when I lived in Durango, Colorado and have found her to be compassionate, accurate and ‘tell it like it is’ style to be refreshing. I have had many readings with Crystal, over the years while I was going through many changes, and some very difficult times when I was a caregiver for my husband (at the time) and while my father was dying. Crystal was always compassionate but firm in her readings with me and because of that, I feel she helped me to get through those times. She always brought me back to center when I needed that guidance and her ability to tell me exactly what spirit knew I needed to hear at that time in my life was always received with the greatest of gratitude. The biggest lesson I have learned from Crystal over the years was about my ‘poverty mentality’ and how she has helped me to see how I was always the cause of the lack in my life.

Crystal has been a great guide, and passionate humanitarian for both myself and everyone that she touches.”
— With gratitude,
Vivian B. Reid
Rochester, New York

“Recently my husband and I came to Durango for a reading and happily found that Crystal had time for us. Not only were we impressed with her accuracy and the messages she received for us, we found her down-to-earth caring approach refreshing. She clearly loves her work and the people she reads for. She is like a good friend who is not only honest on every level with you in the most loving way, but one who tries to help you discover solutions when needed. We consider her a dear friend and I would highly recommend her spiritual counsel to anyone!”
— Sigrun

“Crystal is a truly gifted Seeress and Crystologist who has guided me with spot on accuracy throughout the years I have consulted her. Her connection to Spirit is clear and delivered with divine truth. The messages I have received through her have been a true transmission from the Divine and I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to know her, as she has helped me develop and continue to grow spiritually.”
— Jemay

“Crystal is the most accurate Reader and the most spiritual person I have ever had the honor to know. She is also a profound healer. She is the most loving, most giving person I have ever met. Her readings have been very profound and life changing as well as accurate. She has helped me tremendously in my personal life – in finding my true self and career – and with my spiritual growth. Her wise counsel and guidance have helped me time and again. My life is truly magical now thanks to her. Crystal opened my chakras and breathed life into me. She did a healing on me and gave me a new lease on life. I have watched as her many predictions have come true time and again. She is truly an amazing and gifted person with a direct link to Spirit. I am so blessed to know her. She has truly touched my life in profound ways. I am very grateful to her for all she has done. She is a very gifted person as well as a gift to humanity.”
— S.C. P., Hesperus CO

“Thank you for helping me to understand my spirit guides – Jesus and Mother Mary and the saints- those I never considered before you pointed them out. you have changed my life and set me free on a path of true happiness and liberation. I have continued to recieve strong daily spiritual signs confirming my new path. you have truly blessed me with your insight and my life is so much better now.”
— Eternally Grateful, Lisa

“ I recently had a chakra opening and crystal healing session with Crystal and found it to be very effective and life-changing. When I came into Sacred Space I was overdue with my first child, and scheduled to be induced. I had tried everything under the sun to get my body to go into labor naturally, but nothing was working. I had a lot of fear around being in labor and it seemed that my fear and anxiety was blocking my energy, and keeping me from going into labor. I was worried that it would be a very complicated and painful delivery, and that I wouldn’t be able to achieve the peaceful, natural birth that I wanted. After only one session with Crystal I left feeling calm and relaxed, and had much less fear about my daughter’s birth. Amazingly, within about 24 hours of my session with her I went into labor! I was able to use the tools and visualizations she gave me to get through the birth with strength and courage, and had a very easy and wonderful birth experience. I stayed focused and calm the whole time, and really felt like my chakras were open and aligned, giving me the energy I needed to help my daughter come into the world peacefully. I was able to have a completely natural birth, and everything was just as I hoped it would be. I truly believe this was due to the work Crystal did, and I am so grateful for the health of my beautiful baby girl and her amazing birth.”
— L. I., Summit Lake, CO

“I cannot live without the female reproductive formula! It has done so much in terms of balancing my hormones and lessening my extremely severe cramps. It has therefore made me feel better emotionally and mentally as well as physically. I love it. I also love the liver cleanser. It seems to help the body eliminate toxins more efficiently, and also contributes to better skin.”

“The Crystal Ascension Water is by far the most powerful water I have ever come across! Just after a couple of uses I could feel the difference!! I don’t feel “heavy”, it’s like a weight has been lifted! I’m lighter, happier and feel balanced! I can’t go a day without taking this. It’s part of my daily routine. I recommend taking this Crystal water with every glass of water every day!”
Love, Jackie

“The Crystal Ascension Water is truly a gift from Above. It balances my chakras and I feel purified after drinking it. It is helping me gain clarity as well. It is a wonderful water and I am never without it. I am truly grateful for it as I drink it every day!”
— C.P.

“I have been taking Crystal Ascension Water since it went up for sale! I have noticed huge, positive changes in the way I feel. At first the changes seemed subtle and I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be feeling. Now that I have taken it longer I can definitely notice when I have forgotten to take my water! I love how it makes me feel so much that I have three bottles: one for home, one for work, and one in my purse! It’s amazing how wonderful the high frequency and love in this water makes you feel! I highly recommend this product to anyone on the ascension path!”
Love and Light, Savannah Jade

“Crystal tells you exactly what you NEED to hear. It’s like her words are seeds that are planted into your consciousness. Her readings are always life changing experiences. Highly recommended.”
— Katie W., Durango, CO

“Crystal is absolutely amazing and inspiring. I am a two time bronze medalist in the sport of mountain biking, and 2011 was my year to win. Crystal did a blessing on all my bikes and I was off to south africa to claim the big prize. I found out the day before the race that I was pregnant. I did not race. I came home full of questions as to what and why these events were happening NOW. I had a reading with Crystal and it was divine. She told me I had books to write and things to share. I had already begun my book, but I had not told her that. She told me this was my time to embrace my inner goddess and to share how feminine energy is now needed to heal this planet, our bodies and our souls. I can’t wait for my next reading!”
— Willow Koerber

“Thank you very much for this opportunity. My husband and I visited Sacred Space over the Father’s Day weekend and purchased a great number of beautiful crystals. The sales lady (I’m sorry I can’t remember her name) was very helpful and knowledgeable. She was also honest about the man-made crystals. We had a great number of questions and she gave us a lot of individualized attention. She even recommended some books, which I have found very helpful to my spiritual growth. We appreciated her time and hope to make another trip down there some time.”
— K.L. Wilson of Thornton, Colorado

“Crystal’s crystal knowledge is unparalleled and her crystal collection at Sacred Space is wonderful (although you can find much more there). For crystals you can find everything from the basic ‘must have’ crystals to unique and eclectic finds, as well as providing a source for local crystals out of Silverton. And if you’re looking for metaphysical information and knowledge, Crystal is a well-spring. Sacred Space, Crystal and Susan are an asset to our spiritual community and we’re lucky to have them here!”
— Dana Shino

“I had the pleasure of meeting Crystal Andasola the very first day she opened Sacred Space in December of 2005. I happened to go the opposite way on Main street than I normally do and I saw the most beautiful, enchanting window display I had ever seen in my life. I knew then I HAD to go in. Plus the sign was purple, my favorite color…. it had to be a sign! Immediately I was captivated by the mesmerizing and almost ‘glowing’ crystals! Upon walking in, I was greeted by none other than Crystal whose energy was so alive! We immediately hit it off. After realizing that I had spent over an hour in the store, yet not wanting to leave quite yet, I excused myself and went back to my parking meter to add more money so I would not get another ticket. While walking back to my car I almost floated. I had never been in such a ‘sacred space’ so alive with energy…it was infectious! I had read about it but I had never ‘felt’ it.

Crystal and I ended up talking for another hour or so before I finally made my purchases. She told me all about the crystals I was buying as well as why I needed those particular ones and what wearing these sacred pieces would do for my life. It was an experience I could never forget. I became a frequent customer of Sacred Space and have continued to follow wherever the divine takes Crystal and the store. The readings I had gotten from her have blown my mind! She is always dead on! Of course there are some times when you don’t want to ‘hear’ what she is saying….but that’s because it strikes a chord deep down that is saying ‘HELLO PAY ATTENTION!’ Believe me, when I have stopped and paid attention it has paid off tremendously!

I have also had the pleasure of meeting Susan who turned me onto a whole other world….the world of the plant kingdom. I happened to come into the store and mentioned my ailment and Susan said ‘I have something for that!’ Like magic she pulled out a tincture for my lungs and explained how to use it. It worked wonderfully! My sister, (who is a complete skeptic when it comes to the world of the metaphysical) heard the difference in my voice from the tincture that was helping my lungs with and she requested that I get her some and send it to her in Colorado Springs. (She also steals my Goddess salt scrubs anytime she gets a chance.)

I can not say it more simply than this….. Through these women and their gift to humanity; which is the blood, sweat, and tears that they go through to keep Sacred Space alive, thriving, and well is nothing short of miraculous! They have saved my life time and time again just from the knowing that all things are in divine order! Now all I have to do is walk into the store and immediately I am uplifted. All you feel is true unconditional love! I do not know where I would be in my life without this store and I am not just saying that just to say that. I mean it from the bottom of my heart! No matter how terrible life can seem…..just get the right crystals, shields, wands, tinctures, readings, candles, and sage….. and all will be well!

If you get the chance to go into this store….even if you’re still unsure…. Just walk in……. you never know what might happen! It may even change your life forever like it has mine!”
— Savannah Failing, Durango Colorado

“ The Elder who had adopted me into the Eagle Clan of the Tsimpsean tribe was visiting the first time Crystal called with a story of amazing coincidence and requested to come meet me. My Elder was fairly ill so I was reluctant but simultaneously compelled to meet Crystal, so I invited her over. Crystal immediately asked the Elder if she could do a healing on her. The transformation Crystal performed with her crystals and minerals (and magic) found my Elder/friend rejuvenated and healed. From exhausted and ashen, my Elder bounced up and with rosy complexion suggested we all go out to dinner. The Elder remained in robust health the rest of the week of her visit.

Crystal has revealed profoundly accurate truths to me, invaluable to making life altering decisions. Crystal has become a cherished friend and kindred spirit in the more than a decade of our relationship. Crystal empowers with truth and insights. I do believe she does ‘hear’ and deliver celestial messages with grace and clarity. If you have the good fortune to know her, I am certain you will agree.”
— R. T., Colorado

“During several times where I was at a cross roads in the last couple of years, I’ve had occasion to avail myself of Crystal Andasola’s wisdom and foresight. These were trying times where her uplifting guidance came to me as water in a drought. She cleared my confusion and brought focus to my path in life. She taught me the art of ‘manifestation’ to clarify your desires to Spirit in order to bring about change in patterns that are not meeting your best interests. When I specifically requested help to attain specified results by manifesting the desired result and then daily reinforced this request, it presented changes that were amazing to see happen. Now I’m increasing the manifestation requests to even higher attainments and know that they will come. In this way, I am guided to participating in my own destiny.

Crystal has a special perception of seemingly routine situations that make her views profound and obviously spiritually guided. She brings out strengths that we didn’t know we had access to until she opens the door. Her gift is genuinely unique and has changed people’s lives including mine.”
— S.L., Tucson, AZ

“Crystal changed my life — she sure got my attention in our first reading. She more or less stopped me in my tracks, and focused with clarity on what I was doing with my life. Her guidance subtly redirected my path and has made a difference in my life. I love her passion and wisdom for working with the energies of the mineral kingdom. Thank you, Crystal!”
— N.F., Durango, CO

“I have used Susan’s herbs for many ailments, and have found her allergy herbs to be especially beneficial. I live in NC where there are a lot of people with allergies, and both my husband and myself suffer from frequent sinus issues. I would encourage others to try these herbs, as an alternative to relieving their sinus problems.”
— Sincerely, D.M. from NC

“My first reading from Crystal was in November of 2008, right after I returned to Durango from a month of being in Hawaii. For anyone who knows, Hawaii can be a life changing experience. The layers that can be shed are extraordinary. Crystal’s readings leave me feeling the same way, as if layers are being shed, and I begin to see my life from a different perspective. I always leave her presence knowing that my truths were laid out before me. She is a Master in her own right, a dignified and enlightened soul. I feel honored to know Crystal Andasola, and the light that she brings to this world.”
— Whitney, Durango, CO

“I’ve known Susan for several years now, and I trust her talent and her intentions tenfold. I know that when I get an herbal remedy from Susan it’s going to have the power behind it to assist me in my healing. I’ve used Viraflu to ward off colds several times, and within 2-3 days I’m feeling better. My mother used Susan’s tonics (Viraflu and nerve) for shingles, and they cleared up surprisingly quick. My mother was certainly happy about that!

Susan’s herbal remedies certainly do what they are intended to do. The real beauty is that they’re created with the highest intention for healing. There is much thought and care that surrounds her talent. I’m very comfortable in using and referring people to Susan. I know without a doubt we’ll all be satisfied.”
— Whitney, Durango, CO

“I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 2000 from a blood transfusion that I received from a prior surgery. I have been able to manage my hepatitis without Interferon through proper diet. However, my liver function enzymes have always been extremely elevated. I had blood work done in April 2010 just before I started using Susan’s liver tincture. I also started her kidney tincture since my kidney enzymes were also extremely elevated due to the pain medicine I was on. I met Susan through Sacred Space. Due to my illness, I have to have blood work done yearly. When I went for my blood work this year — 2011 — my doctors were astounded to discover that my liver and kidney functions were in the absolute normal range. Getting this news was one of the happiest days of my life as I truly feel that Susan’s herbs literally saved my life. I have battled this disease for over a decade and I am so grateful to Susan for her dedication and integrity not to mention her compassion and for creating her formulas with their miraculous results.”
— Leigh M., Durango, CO

“After a lifetime(s) of abuse from others and myself, Crystal has helped me see and work on breaking through my issues in a very clear and compassionate way. It has been a process, and her amazing insight and powerful healing and chakra clearing has helped open the doors for me to heal and get my life on track.

Susan’s wonderful herbs have been a perfect addition to my healing process, balancing the physical with Crystal’s mental, emotional, and spiritual guidance. I am truly grateful to both of these amazing women.”
— Victoria R., Durango, CO

“I really enjoyed my visit to Sacred Space. Found my favorite quartz crystal sceptre, friendly folks and had a wonderful reading by Crystal. The Reading I got at Sacred Space by Crystal was amazing. She was right on the mark with many issues. And gave specific, usable advice which I put into practice with great results. She is a gifted Seer. I would encourage anyone to ask and follow her advice.

I am very impressed by Susan’s knowledge of herbology and her products. I suffered from enlarged prostate for many years. She encouraged me to try two types of tinctures. I took the tinctures as instructed, and within two months my life no longer rotates around a restroom. Thanks Susan, so good to have my life back.”
— Curtis, Wichita, KS

“I’ve suffered around five or six kidney stone attacks over the last 20 years, and as most know, such attacks cause excruciating and relentless pain for many hours. My next-to-last attack was a brutal 13 hours. However, my most recent attack ended after taking Susan’s herbal tincture for kidney stones. In fact, I had been telling my wife that this was going to be the worst attack yet as I felt so nauseous and the pain was so intense. To my happy surprise, the pain was gone within a couple of hours at most, and I felt so much better! I didn’t lose an entire day to the pain of kidney stones after all as usually happened. The next day, I passed a fairly large kidney stone with no pain whatsoever! From now on, at the first hint of a kidney stone attack, I’ll take Susan’s formula every half hour. And it tastes good, too!”
— Robert J. McGroarty, Philadelphia, PA

‘My husband and I have used several of Susan’s formulas with great success, but I’ve recently used two more, the Viraflu and the Digestive formulas. At the first sign of a scratchy throat or sniffles, I began taking the Viraflu and found that all my symptoms had disappeared the next day. I’ve used Viraflu several times when facing this situation and it worked beautifully every time. Same with the Digestive formula. At the least hint of stomach upset, indigestion, or gas, the Digestive formula made me feel almost instantly better! And let me add, that taking Susan’s formulas is comforting in that I know I’m not consuming anything that will cause side effects or other problems! I highly, highly recommend these two formulas. Sure worked for me!!’
— A.E. Page, Philadelphia, PA