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We are an enchanting place of enlightenment and spiritual awareness. Our intention is to awaken, enlighten and empower people to realize their own divinity.

Sacred Space is your one-stop metaphysical shop offering a beautiful array of unique, exquisite, high quality crystals. All of our crystals, rocks, minerals and products are hand selected, cleared, cleansed and blessed personally by Crystal Andasola.

Sacred Space carries a selection of exquisite, locally mined and newly discovered crystals including Smoky Amethyst Crystal Scepters. We also offer unique crystals such as Sunshine Spirit Quartz and Milky Quartz crystals from the highest vibrational milky quartz mine on the planet. Sacred Space carries Medicine Shield necklaces as well as being the exclusive carrier of Medicine Shield bracelets. These are all one of a kind pieces – never replicated – created and designed by Rebecca Thomson. Her jewelry has profound healing, protective, and balancing qualities.

Sacred Space offers a variety of books on crystals, crystal interpretation, healing, chakras and spirituality, as well as a wide selection of oracle decks such as the Liquid Crystal Oracle, the Sacred Rebel Oracle, Goddess Oracles such as Kuan Yin and Lady Isis and many more. We also carry Quantum Stones Light Shields, California white sage; Cedar and Sweetgrass Smudge, Opaline Solutions® oxygen products including dry stabilized oxygen capsules and locally made products including incredible quilts, chokers, dream catchers, and smudge fans.

We at Sacred Space are passionate about service and are working to bring divine will to the attention of humanity in order to create Heaven on Earth. We hope you will join us.

Bless you on your journey!

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