“Upcoming Solar Eclipse Energies and What To Expect”

By: High Priestess and Seeress Crystal Andasola

Greetings and Good Day Beloved Children of the Great Central Sun!

Are you ready for the new cosmic and solar energies that will be available with the powerful and once in a lifetime eclipse happening on Monday Aug 21st, 2017?

The Lunar eclipse occurred on Aug 7th, 2017. Lunar cycles always signify endings. This was a time of “out with the old, in with the new”. This two week window was an opportunity to begin clearing out ALL the things that no longer serve your highest purpose. This could be in the form of thoughts, feelings, patterns, habits, even cleaning out your closet or the clutter in your house, changing jobs, or getting out of unhealthy relationships. It will be different for each individual as each individual is on their own specific journey and are experiencing lessons in accordance to the vibrational octave they are currently occupying. It is important to not judge anyone on their experience, or to judge your own experience with anyone else as humanity as a whole has been contending with the Laws of Karma and the clearing out of these energies and it will appear different for every person.

As the Lunar eclipse signifies endings, the Solar eclipse represents an immediate new beginning.  This particular Solar eclipse has even more significance since there has not been a total solar eclipse in the United States since 1918! The amount of cosmic solar energy penetrating especially the United States, (while it will be unseen by the naked eye) will soon become very apparent to the masses and depending on the vibrational octave you are occupying you may feel like you have been living in a cave for years and are just coming to the light of day for the first time, which can be very shocking to the central nervous system, or it will be very energizing, uplifting and enlightening. Again this will depend on the vibrational octave you are occupying.

Eclipses represent cycles, we are never taught about the cycles of the sun or the moon, the cycles of nature, the cycles of the universe etc, which are all known throughout the cosmos. This particular solar eclipse cycle represents a huge shift in consciousness as well as the official shift from the Piscean paradigm, (also known as the time darkness and a time of falling into a deep sleep) into the Aquarian paradigm, (also known as the Golden Age and the Golden Octave.)   It is the end of an era, the end of a 2,160 year cycle and the beginning of a new era, a new wave in consciousness, a new paradigm, a time of great awakening. These changes though unseen will affect every living creature on the planet, because we are all connected and affected by these great cosmic cycles whether we realize it or not.

While much is still unknown, it is highly plausible that this could bring about intense solar flares that could bring about an increase in earthquakes and other natural disasters. There is the potential for power outages due to the higher frequencies of being the closest to the Great Central Sun that we have ever experienced in the last 99 years.

At the same time these new intense energies also have the power to bring about a large number of people revolting against what no longer serves us as a culture, and as a human race (Again it is all about out with the old and in with the new.) This will also bring about the rise in the quality of consciousness and the potential to bring about an awakening worldwide as we step into the next dimensional paradigm.

At this time and from this moment forth it is imperative that we take full responsibility for all of our own individual actions, thoughts and feelings and always remember to apply the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have done unto you”. Remember to dream big for this is the beginning of a Golden era, and we must first “dream it” so it can then become “dream-ed” and become our reality. Be courageous, and remember it all starts with our thoughts as “energy flows where thought goes” and the saying “you reap what you sew” is in full effect. This is a very powerful time in our human evolution. Let us use this energy wisely and for the Greater Good of All that is of Oneness so we can be a part of bringing peace on Earth to all of the living beings on our beautiful planet.


Many Blessings of Divine Solar Love and Light!

Love, Crystal

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“A Note of Caution About Leaving Crystals in Direct Sunlight”

burned crystal   Crystal Burn Mark

An interesting fact you may not know about crystals and quartz in particular is that if they are left in direct sunlight there is a high plausibility that due to the sun’s rays refracting off of the crystal, the surface it is placed on can actually catch on fire.

It is important to remember (and especially in these hot summer months where the sun’s rays are more intense in the northern hemisphere) that you keep all crystals, mirrors, glass ornaments or bottles out of the windowsills and away from direct sunlight in your homes and particularly away from anything flammable. The same is especially true for crystal prisms hanging in your car or in the windowsill. While the rainbows they cast across the room are magnificent to behold, it is not worth a house fire which could just as easily have been avoided. If you are a person who likes to charge your crystals in the sun, we suggest that you do it for only 15 minutes and make sure your crystals are sitting on something non-flammable and be attentive to them as the solar energy coming from the sun is highly intense right now. Continue reading

“The Stone of Destiny”



I have always been drawn to crystals however it wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s that I found out the reason why. One of my first crystal purchases was a labradorite necklace and earrings. Little did I know that upon making this purchase I had just started on the path to my destiny. A few months later while wearing my labradorite jewelry I ended up going into a metaphysical store where I was instantly drawn to a book that changed my life and my perspective on everything. After reading this book and eager for more information that resonated to my core I began my quest to learn more about the metaphysical world.

A few months later while driving the opposite way than I normally drove down Main Street in Durango, CO my eyes were immediately drawn to a new store that had opened in town (and once again I was wearing my labradorite jewelry). This store was absolutely breathtaking from the outside and I could not wait to go see what was inside. I was immediately greeted by the store owner Crystal Andasola who introduced herself and welcomed me to Sacred Space. Once inside I was absolutely mesmerized by the wonderful smell and exquisite crystals and products that surrounded me, it was exactly what I was looking for!

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A-Chooo!!!! Do You Have Allergies Too??

bee and flower

It seems it is that time of year again…. Allergy season. While it is not as awesome as some of my favorite times of year like summer, or even Christmas, it is something a lot of us need to address in our lives. Of course there are products out there to address the “symptoms” of allergies, but is there anything to help them go away and stay away for good?

The answer to all of our health concerns can usually be addressed when we look to our beautiful Beloved Mother Earth and all her creations. In my own experience the best way to address allergies are two things, organic raw local honey as well as Sacred Space’s own Crystal Ascension™ Herbal Allergy tincture. Both are excellent at addressing seasonal and recurring allergies.

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