Crystal Andasola

                     High Priestess and Seeress


Imagine Edgar Cayce melded with Nostradamus, in a she version, living in a modern day world with an ancient soul and you might begin to get a glimpse into who Crystal Andasola really is. Crystal is a Seeress with extraordinary psychic abilities and is the appointed High Priestess of this era.

Certified in  Kuan Yin’s Magnified Healing, Medical Chi Gong, and Laying on of Hands and Stones have only enhanced and strengthened her natural talents and abilities as she is a profound Master Energy Healer and has saved and transformed countless lives by performing true healing miracles.

Crystal was born on the most powerful cosmic day of the year, the day of synergy and the authority of God and Goddess Most High of this Universe. Born on this powerful day and with the right use of will, she was blessed with the gift of “seeing” as an Oracle and brings messages of prophesy. She has been speaking truth literally since she learned to talk and continues on that journey today in order to prepare humanity for the greatest transition and transformation of our human existence.  This is her sole purpose for being on the Earth plane at this time.

To the Mayan Counsel Crystal is referred to as the “Lightning Bolt”, as she brings to you the messages that Spirit has repeatedly been trying to tell you on your journey. A session with her is literally life changing and transformational as she provides you with the action steps to take in your life in order to get to the desired outcome with grace and ease on the path of least resistance.

Crystal is adept in many modalities and true to her namesake she is also a born natural Master Crystologist. She can look at anyone and match the perfect crystals and or medicine shields to the individuals vibration in order to assist them to attaining their highest destiny in this lifetime.

For the last 13 years Crystal has owned Sacred Space, A Place of Love Light and Grace, where she hand selects, blesses, cleanses and clears each and every item and article in the store to its highest vibrational potential. She graciously gives her all to humanity through her guidance, wisdom and her profound abilities.

She is the creator and manufacturer of Crystal Ascension™ Water, sold exclusively through Sacred Space. Crystal Ascension™ Water is a highly concentrated water infused and blessed with the highest vibrational crystals on the planet. The intention of this powerful water is to raise the vibration within the Human Chakras, Meridians and Energetic Fields.

Her extensive list of services and specialties include however are not limited to: Life changing and Transformational Spiritual Readings, Chakra openings, alignments and clearings, Healing Energetic Bodywork, Crystology, House and Business blessings, clearings, and spirit removal, Marriage and Birth Ceremonies (as she is also Ordained), Assistance in loved ones and animal crossovers.

Indeed Crystal Andasola is a very intelligent human being born wise beyond what we can even begin to imagine. She is truly a gift to humanity.

If you have been searching on your path and know that there is more to this life than what meets the eye and if are ready to schedule your life changing and transformational session with Crystal please call Sacred Space at 970-259-0154.