Crystal Andasola

High Priestess and Seeress

Crystal AndasolaImagine Edgar Cayce melded with Nostradamus, place that image into a modern-world Harley-riding woman, and you might begin to see just who Crystal Andasola is.

Crystal Andasola speaks the truth from our Mother’s heart. A born crystologist, she has been a seer, serving as Gaia’s oracle, for over thirty years.

Crystal’s connection to the spiritual realm became clear to her when she was seven years old. She could see into the spirit world, look out a window, see a thousand faces, and hear their stories. She always thought everyone could see what she saw. Eventually, she learned that her sense of normal was unique to herself, and so she spent some time living a life more in tune with others’ sense of normalcy.

Everything changed January third, 1987 (year of the Harmonic Convergence). Almost 8 months pregnant with her second child, she knew she was going to die. And she did. She walked into a light like the Sun and found Sananda waiting for her. Sananda gave her a choice – she could stay in the Light or return to the Earth. If she stayed, he warned, her child may not survive.

Crystal’s soul returned to her flesh in a moment, just as her unborn child went into cardiac arrest. The child’s spirit was strong and Brett did not die that day. His mother was reborn.

From that day forward, Crystal’s mission on Earth has been to be of service, to assist humanity through the greatest transformation of our existence.

Crystal is an Oracle for our Mother Earth. She speaks the truth of our Mother’s soul through our Mother’s flesh – her stones and crystals, and sees into our own souls. Her connection to Spirit is strong and clear, and she is dedicated to helping all human children find their way – in strength and courage – to play their part in Earth’s transformation.